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Ingredients For Success In One’s Career


Ingredients For Success In One’s Career

What is the formula for success in one’s career 

 Competency development? 


 Continuous Process Excellence? 

 Obtaining certifications in the ever-growing technologies? 

 Positive attitude towards work, organization and colleagues? 

 Any one or two or all of these will result in one’s success in career….for sure. 

 Any other factor to be considered for success in an organization? 

 If the answer is yes, then one of them is “aligning yourself to Organization’s goals”. 

 How do I know or understand the goals of the organization, as I am a junior or mid-level executive in my organization? 

 It is as easy as 1…2…3….Align with your Reporting Manager…..You can contribute towards achieving the Organization’s goals…. 


 Each and every year and every quarter, the Organization makes its short-term, mid-term and long-term goals….they are assigned to each and every department heads and in turn passed on to each and every Manager. 

 When you align with your Manager, you are helping him in achieving his goals….which has been given to your Manager as his goals. 

 When you assist your Manager to achieve his goals, it leads to contribution towards achieving Organization’s goals….and thereby your goals are also achieved, to a large extent. 

 When your Manager achieves his goals / targets, he ensures your career growth. 

 The leaves of the tree are fresh only till the time it is plucked from the tree then it dries up. 

 The Lotus blossom only till it has direct connection with Sun God. 

 In the same manner, your career growth shall be ensured only till the time you align with your Manager. 

 Otherwise, you will become a fish with no water!?