Ecorgy Solutions

Activities for Employees

Employee satisfaction is the core of a successful organization.  We make honest attempts to keep our workforce energetic and enthusiastic. At Ecorgy solutions, we have implemented few motivation programmes with an aim to enhance work satisfaction among our employees.

We value their efforts and proudly celebrate all their achievements and accomplishments. Employee birthdays are special for us.  We maintain a record of their special days and celebrate it like a family. Along with these, we also plan unique motivational activities. Small actions of encouragement make a huge difference. Our management team appreciates the worthiness of their Human Resource and hence leave no stone unturned in motivating them.

World No Tobacco Day – Awareness Presentation

Process Training By Sam C Kurian

POSH Training

Dietician Talk

Q & A Session featuring Denise and Muna

Vishu Celebration

Women’s Day Celebration

Break The Ice Session