Ecorgy Solutions

Christmas Celebration 2023 at Ecorgy Solutions

Relive the magic of our unforgettable Christmas celebration at Ecorgy Solutions. Our office was filled with joy as we were honored to have Sri. Vijayakumaran Nair, our esteemed Chief Guest, gracing us with his presence and spreading the festive cheer!

Hosted by the dynamic duo, Rahna Rasheed and Anju Manju, our talented emcees kept the energy high and spirits soaring throughout the event!

The heartfelt Christmas wishes from our Chief Guest, Team Managers, and our dedicated Employees warmed our hearts, adding a special touch to the holiday season.

Our ChrisMa & ChrisPa Secret Santa Gift Exchange was a highlight, where our amazing team embodied the true spirit of giving, spreading joy and surprises!

The melodies filled the air as Dr. Smrithi & Team, Vysakh MK, and Athul Gopan mesmerized us with enchanting carols and soulful solo performances!

The stage came alive with lively dance routines by Jeevitha & Team, Malavika S & Team, spreading infectious joy and festive vibes!

Engaging games added an extra dash of excitement and laughter, making our celebrations even more delightful!

Sweet treats were shared, with delicious cakes spreading smiles and adding sweetness to our fantastic celebration!

And who could forget the magical appearance of Santa Claus, bringing joy and laughter to everyone with his cheerful presence!

The grand finale of our event was the feast that brought us all together, relishing the flavors of the season and celebrating unity and togetherness!